Academic Expectations

Teachers are using Google Meet for daily video lessons, and Google Hangouts for quick Q&As regarding assignments or expectations. We use Seesaw as the main platform to deliver daily announcements and assignments and make other remote resources available (eg. MP3s of novel studies). Our teachers provide timely feedback on assignments, keep anecdotal notes for participation, work completed, test marks, etc. Attendance records are kept so that we can check in with families of absent students to ensure all is well.
Teachers are available for one-on-one meetings with students as necessary and reply to student and parent emails or messages on Seesaw in a timely manner.

Students are encouraged to check Seesaw every morning for daily announcements and for that day’s assignments. They should attend all scheduled meetings/classes on Google Meet, complete all assigned work (workbook pages, watching videos, reading and writing assignments, UOI assignments) and submit work via Seesaw unless otherwise instructed. Students participate in Weekly Classroom Challenges and join in whole school student life activities!