Hello Maples community,

Even though we are physically closed, the learning at The Maples Academy continues!

By using technology, including Google Meet, Seesaw and Google Classroom the teachers are providing interactive lessons designed to exceed the Ontario curriculum requirements.

The face-to-face video interactions through our virtual classrooms are crucial for learning but also allow the students and teachers to continue a personal connection with each other and provide some normalcy.

We recognize that it is also crucial to maintain “student life” and school spirit as we continue physical distancing.

I am impressed with the weekly challenges that are happening in many classrooms where students can win points for their House and even gift cards for themselves.

School spirit activities have continued to occur. I enjoy seeing many of the pictures and videos that have been shared.  Please keep them coming and stay tuned for announcements of more whole school spirit activities

It is nice to see that so many of you have attended our whole-school assemblies where we have acknowledged the accomplishments of our IB monthly award winners, celebrated birthdays and issued House point challenges.

Several of you have taken advantage of the after-school programs being offered through our association with St. Jude’s Academy, including dance, karate and yoga to name a few

The Maples will continue to provide top-notch educational opportunities including participation in the monthly Caribou Math contests.

As well, we have plans for inter-school events like track and field and our annual spelling bee in an online, virtual platform

Thank you students, parents and teachers for doing your part during this difficult time. The contributions, feedback and reinforcement that I have received is incredible.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Stay Safe
Stay Strong