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See how we are more than just a school during COVID-19.

We are a community. We are a family. TMA is a second home to many diverse people. We are so grateful to have fostered a tight-knit community of students, parents, faculty and staff.  

During difficult times, we as a community lean on one another. In the face of unprecedented challenges due to a pandemic, The Maples Academy has remained connected. Our school has continued education via online platforms, because our students’ overall wellbeing matters the most to us. The health of everyone in the community matters the most to us, and at the same time, students at home still need to continue learning and receiving their holistic TMA, IB-program education. Along with academics, TMA students enthusiastically participate in a variety of student life activities that have continued to flourish virtually.

 Quality education is defined by much more than academics. School culture, a sense of community, student life, and faculty and staff’s dedication to students all contribute to a comprehensive quality of education. Thoughtful decisions that prioritize students and parents are what make up quality education.

TMA has created a plan for online education, which accommodates all of the most important aspects of our quality education. This means that organized student life and support is readily available virtually along with class and homework.



The Maples Academy students are interacting with creative online tools for a quality, safe and continuous education. Each day, they have the opportunity to actively participate in their classes, receive one-on-one support from their teachers and collaborate with their peers from the safety of their own homes. Our students are flourishing. By using technology, including Google Meet, Seesaw and Google Classroom the teachers are providing interactive lessons designed to exceed the Ontario curriculum requirements.

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2

Students and parents have enjoyed printed-out packages and a regular Monday-to-Friday schedule with flexibility. They participate in live (synchronous) lessons,  face-to-face interaction between classmates and teachers on Google Meet and pre-recorded video (asynchronous) lessons.  The Seesaw app is used to provide schedules, lessons, audio instructions, links, tasks and teacher feedback. Pencil-paper activities and supplies continue to be used to assist in the development of fine motor skills.

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Grades 3 to 6

Grade 3 to 6 students and parents have enjoyed printed-out packages and workbooks, a regular Monday-to-Friday schedule with flexibility, live (synchronous) lessons,  face-to-face interaction between classmates and teachers on Google Meet and tools shared daily on Seesaw including schedules, lessons, audio instructions, links, tasks and teacher feedback.

Grades 7 & 8

Students have enjoyed daily video lessons, interactive, creative learning opportunities and timely feedback. Students and families also benefit from schedule flexibility that accompanies our continuous learning.

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Student Life

Student life continues vibrantly! The spirit and passion that our students put into their extracurricular activities is always apparent, but even more so now, when they are separated physically but still dedicated to engaging in their collaborative activities. It is easy for our school to stay connected when our students want to. We are so lucky to experience a bond so strong that distance cannot separate us.

While we all adapt to remote learning, it is vital for students and parents to feel supported and connected to the school. Remote learning does not have to feel isolating. It shouldn’t. Reliable, accessible, daily communication makes this difficult time more manageable for all involved. ​


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