General Inquiries

Is there a deadline for applications?

The office works on a rolling admissions basis. This means that we accept applications all year, as we work through the admissions process (tour, assessments, decision, registration). However, our spaces do fill up very quickly, so it is recommended that applications be submitted early in the year.

What is the International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly-respected programs of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. IB programmes challenge students aged 3-19 to excel in their studies and encourage both personal and academic achievement. For additional information, please visit the official IB website.

We offer more information about the IB programme at The Maples on our Academics pages.

How can I get in touch with current TMA families?

Many of our current families are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact our Admissions Coordinator at for more information.

What does your student body look like?
Our school reflects the multicultural mosaic that is Canada! We are proud to have students and staff from all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

How many students are in each class?
Classes have a 12-16 students per teacher (1:12-16) ratio. Our low teacher-student ratio means that we are actively engaging with our learners. The Maples Academy’s small classes provide excellent opportunities for individual student success.

What languages does The Maples Academy offer?
Instruction is primarily done in English. French is our main second language focus, as it is a required component of the IB programme.

Student Life & Wellness

What’s new in Student Life & Wellness?
The Maples students are serious about academic excellence, but are equally excited by the fun new opportunities always happening at TMA!

Do you have a Parents PTA?

Yes, The Maples Academy has a wonderful group of connected parents who love to contribute ideas and talents to our school. Join us!

What are TMA Houses?
As soon as you join the TMA family, we welcome you into a special “insiders club” called a House. All students, JK to Grade 8, and all staff are divided into one of three Houses: Kappa, Zeta and Theta.

The House System makes our school culture unique and a ton of fun! Wear your House colours apparel and support your peers at our exciting sports events, challenges, contests and activities. Competitive streak? Check!

Learn more about the House System here.

Does The Maples Academy offer After School Care?
Yes! The Maples Academy offers a Before and After School Care Program for students in JK to Grade 8, to provide families with the convenience of early drop-offs and/or late pickups. Learn more here.

I am worried about fitting in. What should I expect?

It is totally natural to feel nervous about going to a new school. Our students and staff are here to welcome you. The Maples Academy is a very positive, supportive environment. New students start in all grades every year, so you will be one of many newbies adjusting to our school.

The great news is… you can do it! We are very happy to have you. Try to relax and think of all the new experiences you will soon enjoy. Smile and people will smile back at you!

Be courageous and introduce yourself! Try saying: “Hi, I’m new! Can we hang out?” and by the end of the first day, we are sure that you will have a new friend!