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Athletics at The Maples Academy

Athletics is more than just making the sports team — it’s in everything we do. We prioritize students’ physical and mental well-being above all else, and keeping them active is just one of the ways that we show our dedication to overall student success. Our students can participate in Physical Education everyday, whether through regular gym class or extracurricular intramural activities.

Our JK to Grade 2 and Grade 5 to 6 students participate in Physical Education class every day for 40 minutes. Our Grade 3 to 4 and Grade 7 to 8 students have a Physical Education class three days per week for 60 minutes.

Our students have the opportunity to go skiing, bouldering, skating and participate in outdoor education during the year, becoming proficient in fun, exciting sports that go beyond the typical gym class.

The Maples Academy is the only private school invited to participate in the Upper Grand District School Board sports program.